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Why a Biomet Recall is Necessary

Too many patients have suffered in silence after being injured by Biomet magnum hip replacements or other similar metal-on-metal implants. Too often, people simply accept the discomfort that is commonly reported with these types of hip replacements. Others are awaiting a Biomet recall.

Instead of functioning as they should, hip implants made of metal corrode as they rub against the implant site. This can cause the implant to become loose or to dislodge during routine walking or moving around. It also causes metal particles to be released into the bloodstream, sometimes to dangerous levels that cause tumors and serious infections or damage to soft tissues, muscle or bone.

If you’re experiencing pain or swelling after receiving a metal hip replacement such as the Biomet Magnum M2a artificial hip, you’re not alone – and you may be eligible for recovery for your injuries. An attorney can help evaluate your case and fight for your right to compensation for medical costs, emotional damages and other legal sources of recovery that you may be entitled to.

If you received a metal hip implant such as the Magnum M2a artificial hip manufactured by international company Biomet, you should know that any discomfort or medical problems are not normal. In fact, widespread problems with these types of metal artificial hips have been reported – even attracting the notice of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Although it has not forced a Biomet recall, the FDA has warned potential customers that metal-on-metal hip implants are dangerous and that they should be routinely evaluated for dangerous levels of metal in the bloodstream or other side effects. As the FDA has been increasingly notified of these serious problems, hundreds of complaints filed in federal court allege much the same thing: that the Biomet metal hip replacement systems have caused severe injuries, jeopardized mobility, made additional surgeries necessary and in some cases have contributed to tumors.

It is clear that these types of hip implants are inherently flawed. A Biomet recall has not been issued, but consumers who have suffered as a result of M2a Magnum and other types of metal hip replacements are increasingly placing pressure on medical device manufacturers by filing product liability claims.

If you’re one of them, don’t hesitate to act quickly before the statute of limitations on your medical device runs out. When you’ve had enough and want justice, an experienced Biomet lawsuit attorney will be necessary to go up against this powerful, international company.

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