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Have you experienced any problems as a result of a Biomet hip replacement? You may be able to file a lawsuit for:

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If you have a Biomet Hip Replacement
Implant their recent recall could affect you.

Biomet hip implant

Biomet Hip Implant

If you received a hip replacement with the Biomet M2A Magnum hip system you may be eligible to file a Biomet hip replacement lawsuit. The Biomet M2A is similar in design to several other “metal-on-metal” hip implants that have come under heavy scrutiny due to their high failure rates and side effects. These high failure rates are due to a lack of pre-market testing on the part of the manufacturers and have resulted in side effects such as hip pain, soft tissue damage, difficulty standing or walking and hip implant failure. These failures and side effects are occurring within the first few years after surgery even though the hip implant is designed to last for many years.

If you or a family member have suffered problems with a Biomet M2A Magnum, you are not alone. Many people have suffered similar problems and are currently filing lawsuits across the country.

Attorneys Keith Bodoh and Steven Beard can file a lawsuit against Biomet on your behalf. They have extensive experience in the area of faulty metal-on-metal hip implants and have helped many victims of such products like yourself.

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